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One of the biggest issues for high streets and brick-and-mortar businesses is the impact of online shopping and the subsequent decline in footfall to these areas. Towns, cities, BIDS and shopping destinations have the tricky task of delivering WOW experiences for your visitors that online retail never can.  

One of the ways to do this is through unique and innovative lighting displays that amaze, dazzle and delight your visitors. Whether it's a seasonal display or a more permanent attraction, creative lighting is one of the surest ways to draw in more visitors and boost sales. 

The Festive Lighting Company delivers stunning and inspired displays for almost every type of retail destination and festival. Whatever you need to bring your space to life, we can supply it and we take care of everything for you. 

Our resource centre provides more information on giving a truly unique experience for your visitors in order to increase footfall, whilst minimising your carbon impact and costs.  

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